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Linked Open Data in itself is of very little value unless it is actually consumed by someone or something. It seems a fairly obvious statement to make but sometimes in all the rush to get our data out there, in the many hours spent working out how best to map free-text fields onto structured vocabularies, in all the myriad number of tasks that are involved in making your data available as part of the global mesh of online information, the consumption side of Linked Data is often forgotten about. So in this section we are only going to talk about Linked Data from the client’s point of view. I’ve called this page ‘Data mining’ because that is exactly what we are going to be talking about: the mining of information stored on the website using targeted and smart questioning that hopefully will illicit some surprising results and who knows even go towards the creation of new knowledge. Because in the end of the day if we are not talking about creating new insights onto existing paradigms or about building entirely new approaches to looking at the world around us, then what is the point? Right?

The following discussion is broken down into a number of sections, which in theory should be read from start to finish but I have listed them below, so if you want to go straight to one section or other, you can. Below these are listed the current data mining experiments that have been carried out on data. At the moment, there is only one listed but expect this to grow in the coming weeks and months.

The experiments

Priniatikos Pyrgos Textiles Project

This project targets the loomweight artefact data of the Priniatikos Pyrgos dataset on The user is able to plot a heatmap of the loomweight locations on a plan of the site. The heatmap can be filtered by loomweight type and/or by the assigned period of the find.

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Priniatikos Pyrgos Stratigraphy

This project presents a visualisation of the stratigraphy of the Priniatikos Pyrgos site. It takes a lead from the Harris matrix model using Gephi to render the context’s chronological relationships as a network graph.

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British Museum Cuneiform

The British Museum Cuneiform Project analyses data mined from the British Museum SPARQL endpoint about its collection of cuneiform artefacts.

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A History of Linked Open Data

LODLAM are committed to promoting Linked Open Data practice within the GLAM sector. This project presents a timeline of Linked Open Data publications and projects based on their Zotero Group bibliography.

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