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Working is a Linked Open Data resource for the archaeological community. Its aim is to allow archaeological projects or individuals with archaeological data publish their material on the Semantic Web. The core module is an RDF web service that is built upon an Apache Jena Fuseki stack. Clients can access the data from in a variety of ways: as RDF data (JSON, text) as CSV or TSV data, via a series of web methods or most powerfully through its SPARQL interface. data is also available via the webapp, which you are currently at and which renders the project data as HTML.

Currently hosts data from the Priniatikos Pyrgos archaeological project. If you are interested in publishing your data to the Semantic Web using, please visit the contact page and describe your project.

The data made available by is not only open but it is also semantically structured, which makes it infinitely more reusable and as a result valuable. It is up to the data provider in question to establish the data ontology that best suits their data. The Priniatikos Pyrgos data uses the CIDOC CRM ontology and its English Heritage’s extension. The CRM is a complex data model but one that is used widely by the cultural heritage sector, particularly the museum sector but increasingly it is becoming popular as an ontology for archaeological excavation data. The Priniatikos Pyrgos project also employs a number of vocabularies to provide greater indexability of its datastore. has been developed by Frank Lynam as the practical element of his doctoral research which he is conducting as a PhD student within the Digital Arts and Humanities programme at Trinity College Dublin.

Frank Lynam Dublin, February 2015